26 septembre, 2005

Téléphonez de mobile à mobile avec Skype

Astucieux, branchez un mobile sur votre PC avec Skype et le soft de IpDrum et il vous suffit d'appeler, avec votre mobile, l'autre mobile... malin, une autre idée, qui augmente la mobilité comparé à la solution Bluetooth d'un de mes posts précédent. Il y a fort à parier que quelques petits malins vont mettre ce type de solutions en batterie et proposer des appels internationnaux à partir de votre mobile pour pas bien cher... à suivre

IPdrum, an emerging leader in VoIP to mobile convergence, rolled out its highly anticipated IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable today. The IPdrum solution connects Skype to a mobile telephone - allowing users true mobility and free worldwide calling.

“Finally there is a telecom solution offering the best of both worlds; mobility and free Internet calls,” said Kjetil B. Mathisen, CEO, IPdrum. “Our product is one of the first proven solutions that will deliver IP telephony to any mobile phone.”The Swedish-Norwegiancompany’s revolutionary product will empower Skype users to make mobile calls worldwide over the Internet via Skype, for little or no cost. To date, there have been over 168 million downloads of the Skype software.

The company is the first to bridge VoIP and the mobile phone network with its patent-pending software and a cable that, together, can turn an old mobile handset into a wireless gateway forSkype's VoIP application. Making its international debut to media today at a London hotel, IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable is available for immediate purchase online through www.ipdrum.comand via select distributors.

“Skype’s recent acquisition by ebay is the software’s natural ticket to the masses, “said Jerry Pettersson, IPdrum founder. “IPdrum’s technology automatically extendsSkype’s reach and triggers a welcome transformation to the ease and affordability of communicationin the 21st century.”

Free mobile calls worldwide
Individuals with phone contracts that allow them to make free calls to pre-defined numbers (such as “friends & family” plans), can make free VoIP calls from their mobile phones to any country in the world.

Those without such mobile calling plans can make international calls at the same rate as a local call.

Access VoIP from anywhere
"Skype’s technology and its users did the hard work—getting people to make calls from their computers,”said Mr. Mathisen. “IPdrum is making Skype accessible to new and broader audiences, allowing them to make and receive Skype calls while being away from their computers.” The company plans to be a leading supplier to other Internet telephony operators as well.

How the technology works
The IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable connects a user’s old mobile phone (base phone) to the USB and soundports of his or her computer. When the software is installed, the old handset acts as a gateway/bridge for the Skype application, allowing the user to forward calls to the mobile phone he or she currently uses. Similarly, a user can place a call using Skype.

The IPdrum solution will bring IP telephony to any mobile phone and is not restricted to special “Hotspots”or zones where technologies such as Wifi are available. It incorporates a range of features and capabilities designed to increase convenience and performance when Skyping such as: ·

Forwarding of incoming Skype calls to fixed- or mobile phone
Outgoing calls to Skype users
Outgoing calls to non-Skype users using SkypeOut
Make calls abroad without roaming charges
Currently, IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable supports Windows XP, with plans to support additional operating systems. The product is now available for those using Nokia and Sony Ericsson base phones. Motorola, Samsung and Siemens are in production.The product currently retails for $69.95+tax.