12 septembre, 2005

US adults dominate mobile for email, weather and web search

A report by Telephia shows that email, weather and search websites are the most popular categories among US consumers logging online via their mobile phones.
According to Telephia’s recent Mobile Internet Report, 4.8% of the 191 million US wireless population accessed web email sites in June 2005.
Weather-related sites posted a reach of 3.9% of the total wireless audience, while the Search category attracted 2.9%. The Sports category came in at the No. 4 spot, with a total reach of 2.5%, while the News/Politics category attracted 2.1% of wireless consumers logging on via their wireless devices.
What I found very interesting in the survey was that except for entertainment, games and portal websites the audiences for top mobile Internet categories - Email, Weather and Search - skew towards the 35-54 year-old demographic!
Forty-one percent of Email website visitors were in the 35-54 age group, as were 43% and 32% of Weather and Search website visitors, respectively. The same is true for Sports (41%), News/Politics (45%), and Business/Finance (41%) audiences.
What this says about the US mobile market I'm not sure - but it does say something important to those smart enough to work it out.