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Cloud Computing

Je vous livre mes notes de préparation d'une table ronde sur le Cloud Computing à laquelle j'étais invité à participer la semaine dernière à Santa Clara. je partageais la Table Ronde avec :
- John Keagy, CEO GoGrid
- Lew Tucker, CTO of Cloud Computing, Sun Microsystem et
- Praven Gupta, VP of Business Development SK Telecom
Pour une meilleure compréhension de mes notes j'y ai ajouté quelques compléments d'information :

Bouygues Telecom : just starts to investigate the topic

Joke - each time I have a problem everybody tells me : "put it in the cloud"

Personal definition :
- Cloud Computing = capability of delivering IT ressources as Service
- For the end user Cloud Computing means there is no hardware acquisition cost, no software licences or upgrade to manage : NO CAPEX ANYMORE
- CFOs likes that
- VC loves that
- The Business becomes more predictable
- The first step to enter the business is lower
- Now start-ups & Enterprises can really focus on innovation (their core business/product)

Bouygues Telecom in the cloud :
- We provide messaging, centrex, telephony, hosting, online collaboration tools, unified messaging,...
- Building the cloud : it's more than that
- What are the options ?
- Build the cloud ? Use the cloud ? Both ?
- Build the cloud :
How many layers do we want to offer ? (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS ?)
Which kind of cloud ? Public, Private, Hybrid ?
If we want to build a Cloud it's more than empiling XaaS layers
It's the capability of combining and recombining them on the fly into specific service customer requirements
For that we need APIs. We need to open our networks APIs
That's the tricky part : that's not in our Telco DNA to open our assets

- Use the cloud :
Very interesting for small operators
Not for billing system or Core Business
For some services : yes, could fast the development

- Both : build and Use
Might own our Cloud and use other Clouds for overflow

- Building a "real" Cloud Computing service (Public) needs massive investments for small operators
- Cloud Computing opens a 2 sided Business Model : Core Business and revenue from our assets

Do Telcos have a major role to play ?
- Yes a major role if they manage to overpass their cultural problems. Telcos Avantages :
- Entreprise sales capabilities : telcos have a long history of selling to enterprises, and some want to have dedicated account team
- It's not just an history of sale : after sale, licle managment, services, support, performance managment, monitoring,...
- Reliability : no beta in Telcos DLNA
- SLAs with financial penalties
- Close to the end users : more flexible for specific requirements
- Full enterprise portofolios : physical phones, VoIP, Mobile bundles,...

Future of Cloud Computing :
- Machine to Machine
- Federated Cloud Computing Services : hey I can do this job : you can roam through Clouds
- To allow roaming between Clods you need : Cloud Networking : NaaS - Network as a Service : The QoS, security rules, bandwith will automaticly switch from one cloud to the new one
- Cloud Computing + Network Coumputing = Something really great (end to end solution)
- Cloud Computing (Public) = massive investment :
Only a few players in the world
Like big malls (US guys love big malls)
Massively mobile access
Huge trafic coming out those malls
Net Neutrlity becoming an issue
- So WebCos, TelCos, Content Provider : we really have to cooperate to build the next Internet to ease innovation
- Green aspect
- To ease the Business of start ups and enterprises we have to move bits but also atoms (physical goods), LaaS Logistic as a Service (like Amazon)

Other aspects :
- Personal cloud
- Homenetwork cloud

Provocative question to the floor :
As a digital citizen of the Web. What kind of Internet do we want ? A centralized Internet ? Sort of Minitel 2.0 with only big clouds (Google, Amazon,...) ? Or millions of individuals clouds like Opera Unite.

The advantage of small clouds is that they do not hide the sun...

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