26 août, 2005

Les labos de BT prédisent l'avenir

Les futurologues des labos de BT se sont laissé aller à nous prédire l'avenir. Le document complet que je vais conserver précieusement jusqu'en 2050 !!

23 août, 2005

Google To Offer Instant Messaging

Google reportedly plans to launch an instant messaging program as early as this week, in a challenge to America Online, Yahoo and Microsoft.
"Google Talk" will allow computer users to chat with their keyboards and allow users with headsets to have voice conversations with other computer users with headsets, according to the Los Angeles Times, citing unnamed sources.
The move comes as Google, the leader in Internet search, tries to broaden its offerings and draw more users to its sites to draw more from its online advertising efforts.
On Monday, Google announced a new program giving users customized Web pages in a desktop window, similar to offerings from Yahoo and Microsoft.
The free program called "Sidebar" offers personalized information including e-mail, news, weather, photos, stocks or other content in a small vertical window on the side of a user's screen.
A year after its public stock offering, Google last week said it would sell more than 14 million additional shares in a secondary offering that could raise four billion dollars.

Mobile search

A quick roundup from Engadget on the mobile search space, with relevant links:
-- Google SMS — basic Google searches via SMS, includes local search-- Google mobile web — searches only sites formatted for mobile devices-- Yahoo SMS-- Yahoo mobile — mobile version of the Yahoo portal, with web, image and local search-- Nokia Mobile Search - Nokia has released their Mobile Search software for certain Nokia smartphones-- Mobile AOL search-- Technorati mobile-- 4info.net — local info, stock quotes, sports scores, movie times
More mobile searches posted by readers in the Comment section

Melodeo to Offer Podcasts for Mobile Phones

Consumers can use Melodeo software, called Mobilcast™, to find and download Podcasts on a mobile phone. The addition of Podcasts is a significant step in establishing the mobile phone as a singular device for finding, acquiring, and using digital media. During the past year Podcasting has grown exponentially, yet access is confined to the PC. By enabling Podcast downloads to a mobile phone Melodeo hopes to expand the reach of Podcasts to millions of new users. More information about Podcast downloads can be found at www.melodeo.com/mobilcast

Poscasting sur votre Mobile

Les abonnés de Sprint PCS peuvent désormais faire du Podcasting sur mobile via Pod2Mob.

RSS mobile sur Nokia

A real present to all of us from Russel Buckley on MobHappy. In his own words:
"We've teamed up with the guys behind Free News and come up with our very own RSS Reader - FREE to all MobHappy readers - the full version costs $20 a year. But that's not all. Our RSS Reader includes 14 other essential mobile blogs that we've chosen for your delight and edification. It wasn't an easy choice, by any means. Some favourites we left out as they weren't specialist enough, like We Make Money Not Art and the gadget people like Engadget and Gizmodo.
We only had 14 entries available, so both Carlo and I had to leave out some personal favourites. So to get round that, we've introduced a special Guest Slot, that we'll change from time to time.

Jajah Mobile le Skype pour mobile

It’s not officially launched, but Speedblog got their hands on a beta version of some new software called Jajah Mobile, which lets you do VoIP calls via a web browser on your cellphone. They tested it with a Nokia 6630 and the Opera browser and while it was buggy for reaching landlines in their home country of Italy, it seems like it could be a pretty reasonably-priced solution for placing international calls from your mobile. Calls to other Jajah users and SIP phone numbers are free, while calls to landlines and non-Jajah cellphones incur tariffs based on location. The first official version of the software should hit sometime this week.

82 3G networks in operation worldwide

The number of 3G/WCDMA networks worldwide delivering commercial services is now 82 networks in 37 countries – an increase of 22 networks during 2005, according to new figures from the Global Mobile Suppliers’ Association (GSA), the trade association for the mobile industry. A further seven networks are at the pre-commercial stage. The GSA also confirms that recent terminal launches have pushed the number of WCDMA/HSDPA terminal devices announced in the market up to 186 models from 26 suppliers, with 70 models launched in the last six months. According to the latest data from Informa Telecoms & Media, the number of subscribers to WCDMA services reached 30.79m globally by the end of July, representing growth of 13.9m since the end of 2004, and averaging almost 2m subscribers added per month in 2005. The GSA survey also identifies 46 operators currently operating or deploying combined WCDMA and EDGE networks.