16 septembre, 2006

Yahoo et Bango

Je pense que cette annonce restera dans les annales, même si à première vue elle paraît anodine.
Mobile marketing platorm Bango ties up with Yahoo! search engine
12 September 2006 - Bango (AIM:BGO), the leading platform provider for the mobile internet, today announced an agreement with Yahoo! Inc., a leading global Internet brand, to deliver search marketing products and services to the mobile marketplace. By pairing its mobile infrastructure platform and network of thousands of mobile sites with Yahoo!'s leading search marketing offerings, Bango is the first to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to reach mobile consumers worldwide.Under the terms of the agreement, Bango now offers Yahoo! search advertising products and services to mobile content providers, through the integration of Bango's platform and Yahoo's mobile marketing service. This also creates a one-stop solution that allows businesses of all sizes to easily establish a mobile presence and billing capability, then create mobile search advertising campaigns on Yahoo! to target users who are looking for products and services through their mobile devices. In addition, businesses can track the performance of their Yahoo! mobile search ad campaigns through Bango's mobile analytics tools to measure the long-term value of the customers they acquire through those campaigns."Bringing together the power and simplicity of the internet with the reach and revenue potential of mobile is driving the web business model into its next phase of growth," said Ray Anderson, Bango CEO. "This relationship between Yahoo! and Bango unlocks the value of the mobile internet so that every business can capitalise on that growth."This agreement builds upon Yahoo!'s leadership in driving the global mobile advertising ecosystem. Yahoo! currently provides mobile search marketing services to advertisers in Japan and the UK and has strong relationships with numerous major mobile operators worldwide. By working with Bango, Yahoo! demonstrates its commitment to leveraging third party technologies from proven mobile providers to offer mobile advertisers with choice and flexibility."The rapid growth in internet usage from mobile devices has opened up many new opportunities for businesses to reach customers at their point of interest," said Michael Bayle, senior director, Yahoo! Search Marketing. "We're very pleased to work with a leading provider like Bango to help businesses drive traffic to mobile sites and measure the effectiveness of their advertising investment."The companies intend to launch these services in Europe, the USA and Asia. Content providers can sign up for the Bango Service at www.bango.com.