18 avr 2011

GoConnect launches IPTV Business Program

GoConnect launches IPTV Business Program

Via tvaftertv

Internet video company GoConnect has announced the launch a new IPTV business program.

The Business Show is hosted by journalist and presenter Adam Shand, GoConnect said. It will provide financial news and analysis, as well as a platform for businesses to communicate with their shareholders.

The program is based on earlier program GoTrek Business EV, which had launched in 2003.

GoConnect and Melbourne investment bank Sino Investment Services will provide funding for The Business Show.

It will earn revenue from companies paying to appear on the show to explain corporate strategies and financial and share price performance.

But Shand insisted that the program is “not simply a public relations exercise but a credible forum where CEOs will be put through the hoops on the vital statistics of their company.”

The program is available through a dedicated website or on smartphones. GoConnect said it planned to follow up with more IPTV content launches in the coming year.


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