02 avr 2011

Google rolls out Google TV app for Apple iOS

Google rolls out Google TV app for Apple iOS

Via Fierce

Ah, Google TV. Ignored by consumers, spurned by television networks and brought back to the lab during the Consumer Electronics Show; the game-changer-that-wasn’t from Google is making waves again, this time with a handy app for iOS devices, like the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which turns them into remotes for the smart TV and makes it more friendly to users. The app allows users to switch channels, adjust the volume and more.

In what is likely a case of « too little, too late, » the app, which was rolled out in the App Store last week, features a full range of buttons, the ability to conduct searches by voice, and a mouse pad that turns iOS devices into fully functional remote controls. Like its older brother, the Android app, the iOS version is free to download and requires only that your Google TV and iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi network.

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